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Heroes Donate Blood Program


The mission of Music Brings Life (MBL) is to increase public awareness about the need for genetically matched (genotypical) blood available for people with pre-existing conditions like sickle cell disease (SCD), hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and various types of cancers. This segment of our population in America is vulnerable. Their lives and well-being depend on a continued supply of donated blood.

Most donated blood in America are donated by Caucasians with rare disorders like SCD, which predominantly affects people of African and Latino descent, receiving blood from Caucasian donors over a prolonged period of time begins to develop serious like the build-up of foreign antigens that triggers the immune system of the blood recipient to attach the antigens as dangerous foreign substances. 

Another complication is called alloimmunization risk. Alloimmunization can cause hemolysis - the breaking down of red blood cells, lowering a person's blood volume, and leaving them anemic.

Studies have shown that patients transfused with blood from donors who are of the same or similar ethnicity do not develop an alloimmunization risk or antigen buildup.

Genotypic blood is also needed for medical emergencies for people injured in accidents, for surgeries, and women experiencing complications during pregnancy.

Blood Awareness Assemblies

The Heroes Donate Blood Program (HDBP) offers Blood Awareness Assemblies to facilitate the exchange of information. The assemblies also connect people who have received blood donations with the audience for them to hear testimonies from people who have received or continue to receive blood transfusions monthly as treatment.

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