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Music Brings Life

Heroes Donate Blood Program is in more than

20 NYC High Schools.



More than 5,000 pints of blood donated



More than 

10,000 people

received blood


Committed to 

meeting the need

for increased diverse donations

Music Brings Life aims to raise 1,000 pints of Genotypic Blood for Sickle Cell, Beta Thalassemia, and blood transfused dependency patients in NYC, during our Spring Blood Awareness High School Tour.


Heroes Donate Blood Program

The Heroes Donate Blood (HDBP) is the conduit that allows Music Brings Life to deliver its message at Blood Awareness Assemblies. These assemblies are facilitated at high schools, colleges, churches, and various public events.  Learn more >>

Heroes Donate Blood Club

Our young people are amazing! High school and college students are driving the mission of this organization and keep us going every year. The Heroes Donate Blood Club allows students to take the lead on organizing assemblies and blood drives at their school semiannually.  Learn more >>


Blood Drives

After the Blood Awareness Assemblies, the hosts answer our Call-to-Action by selecting a date to host a blood drive at their school, church, or business site. Blood drives are the ultimate goal.

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