Why Your Donation Matters


You might think that your donation will not make a difference, but it most certainly will.

While minorities experience the same life-threatening emergencies that require blood transfusions as other ethnic groups, there are a larger number of minorities with rare blood diseases that are unique to their race. These include, for example, Sickle Cell anemia and Cooley’s anemia.

As with every individual, the most compatible transfusion is likely to come from someone of the same ethnic, racial and genetic background.

Donated blood that closely matches a patient’s blood is less likely to be rejected by the patient's body and can mean fewer complications after a transfusion. Furthermore, genetically-similar blood is superior for people who need repeated transfusions for conditions like sickle cell disease.

African-American donations are vital because blood types O and B, the blood types of about 70 percent of African Americans, are the blood types most in demand.

While the need for all types of blood donations is ongoing, the need for minority donations is crucial. Of the 5 percent of the general population that donates blood, only 1 out of 10 are African American or Latino. Every day of the year, thousands of African Americans and Latinos face an alarming fact: There can be a limited amount of blood available for them and their family members when they need it.

It is the goal of Music Brings Life to make sure that there is always enough donated blood available for minorities in their time of need. Your donation can help us achieve that goal.