Message From The Founder

My name is Keenan "Special" Bristol and I am an actor, dancer and rapper of Caribbean descent who was born and lives in Brooklyn, NY. My passion for music and my passion for helping people is what led to the creation of Music Brings Life.

In 2009, during a local performance, I was approached by a representative of the New York Blood Center who informed me about the lack of blood donors in the Black, Latino and Caribbean communities. They asked for my help in getting young people in these ethnic groups to donate blood.

It was clear to me that in order to make people want to donate blood we first need to get their attention. As a performer, I felt I could accomplish this through music. In 2010, I organized a blood drive at Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, during which I played music and got the crowd energized in my role as emcee. Basically I turned the blood drive into a party. Numerous people came over to me and said they were so attracted by the energy of the event that they donated blood that day. I knew I was on to something and that's when I started Music Brings Life.

Over the past six years, Music Brings Life has held numerous events including "blood awareness concerts" that doubled as blood drives. To date, we have raised over 3,000 units of life-saving blood for the people of New York City.

A blood donation is truly a gift of life that a healthy individual can give to others who are sick or injured. If you want to be a hero in your community, get your cape on and give blood today.